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An RPG-styled Productivity App

I am always on the lookout to find apps/tools that enhance my productivity. I have tried many apps for task management, calendar, note-taking, habit tracking, time tracking, email, etc. In the quest for finding an app to incorporate structure into my daily routine, I came across Habitica. Habitica is unique for using gamification to help you get things done. If you are an avid gamer, this RPG-styled productivity app would be a natural draw for you. Habitica has many of the same recurring themes as other RPGs: you choose a class, complete quests, defeat bosses and mini-bosses, gather loot and gold, upgrade equipment, and collect pets and mounts. Although it’s more about productivity than playing a game, Habitica is fun to play and does a good job of turning your to-do’s and objectives into real-life quests to advance your in-game hero. It is available as both web and mobile apps. Also, the project is open source and you can find it on Github.

From a product standpoint, there are two features that I really like.

  • Segregation of boards – The landing page is neatly segregated into HabitsDailiesTo Do’s, and Rewards. In Habits, you enter the habit you want to break or want to form i.e. negative and positive habits. Dailies are the activities you wish to be doing every day. To Do’s are the tasks to be completed on a given day. And the most interesting of all, Rewards. You can custom add a reward and claim it for the set number of gold coins. On the top, you see the gold coins you currently have.
  • Gems – Habitica is funded by gem and subscription purchases. Gems are the in-game currency used to buy backgrounds, pet quests, and aesthetic character customizations. While the idea is not novel, it’s an interesting add on for a habit tracking application.
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