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Build a feed of your happy memories

This happened 10 days ago. I was super upset about something – so much so that cute puppy videos couldn’t cheer me up. Being the technology addict, app dependent generation that we are, I went on AppStore and quite literally searched for “apps that make you happy”. After browsing around for some time, I found Happyfeed. It said in the description that if you use Happyfeed, “you’ll be building a simple, beautiful feed of all your happy memories”. Huh? Didn’t sound like a bad idea to me. This feed of happy memories will come in handy on days when nothing feels right. Also noting down three good things each day is probably the positive enforcement by brain needs to be grateful even during tough times. So, I signed up for it.

It’s been 10 days and I can say that I’m loving it.

From a product standpoint, there are two things that are absolutely amazing about this app.

  • Simple UI – The UI follows a minimalistic design. It’s very easy to use and you won’t get distracted by anything else while entering your happy memories for the day.
  • Reminders – This app takes an unconventional approach to remind you to feed the happy memories. You get a fun fact or a quote as a reminder.

Fun fact about Happyfeed, as said by the founder – Matt Kandler – himself. “Believe it or not, Happyfeed was originally just an experiment to learn how to code iPhone apps. Nearly 7 years later, it’s a pretty robust journaling app! I’ve been using Happyfeed for 1780 days now and I can say it’s made a significant impact on my life.”

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