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Get Fluent in French

About a month ago, I started learning French. I guess I can say The One Where Joey Speaks French has some role in this. French certainly sounds pretty exotic the way they portray on screen. Anyway, so a couple of weeks ago I came across this Chrome extension and I find it extremely cool. It’s called Fluent. It replaces certain phrases on the web pages you visit with the equivalent phrases in French, letting you practice French while you browse. It’s relatively new and they’re planning on adding more languages. I feel it’s a nice complement to the websites you browse.

Here’s a screenshot of Fluent in action:

From a product standpoint, there are three features that I really like.

  • Color code – The nouns are color-coded. The peach-ish nouns are masculine and the purple-ish ones are feminine. Even if you are quickly browsing you can identify the gender of the noun with the color.
  • Pronunciation and Star – Like any good translation service, Fluent provides you with the feature of listening to the pronunciation of the word. Additionally, you can star the words you want to save.
  • Pause – You can pause Fluent from translating words if you like.
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